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Firmware updates for La Marzocco Machines (GB5, FB80, Strada, GS3)

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Along with standard firmware updates for Linea PB, Technico Coffee Services has acquired the specialised AVR programmer for La Marzocco machines running the older style boards.

FLOWMETER ERROR, or FLOWMETER ALARM is a common error on machines running out of date firmware, on previous gen machines (GB5, FB80, Strada, GS3) The only way for us to address this issue was to invest in the AVR programmer that rewrites the software on the board via computer. 

FLOWMETER ERROR, or FLOWMETER ALARM occurs due to the program not reading any flow from the machine within 8 seconds of a shot. This time has been programed too short within the firmware, as shots are still preinfusing and a tighter shot will naturally only start to flow around that time. This has led to baristas needing to fasten their shot times to not hit the FLOWMETER ERROR message. 

This has been rectified in the latest firmware from La Marzocco (1.42) and has pushed the programming no flow error to 18 seconds. This allows the barista to run tighter shots without FLOWMETER ERROR messages on the screen 

If you have a previous gen machine, most troublesome being GB5 and FB80, you can check your current firmware version by turning the machine off and on at the main power switch and take note on the numbers first posted on the screen. As of writing the latest firmware version in 1.42

To update the firmware we have invested in a specialised programmer to rewrite the on board chip, This involves disassembling the machine and plugging a computer directly to the board. After this is done we then read and write directly to the chip.

This allows us to provide our customers with the most up to date software and, ultimately,  a more reliable machine 

La Marzocco has since made firmware updates easier, starting from Linea PB onwards, firmware updates are performed by USB directly on the machine. No need for specialist tools and disassembly of the machine.  

If you have a La Marzocco GB5, FB80, Strada, GS3 we can provide board reflashing with latest firmware, either on site, or via mail.

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