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La Marzocco OSMO Reverse Osmosis System

$3,190.00 Incl. GST

If you are using high end espresso equipment with stainless steel boilers you will need to protect your equipment with RO water. Failing to do so can leave your equipment prone to boiler issues. 

The La Marzocco OSMO system is for High volume cafes that require quality, precise water that will maintain the consistency in each cup.  

Developed in collaboration with BWT water + more, La Marzocco’s Reverse Osmosis is a 3-stage treatment system that produces water of the best quality, regardless of the local water quality, in order to brew superior espresso and keep equipment in perfect working conditions. An activated carbon filter stops chlorine/disinfectants and impurities; the reverse osmosis removes all minerals and contaminants; a remineralization cartridge re-adds the right minerals for a superior brew and to prevent corrosion.

Whilst the La Marzocco OSMO RO System has been discontinued, it has been replaced with The BWT ROC 14  

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