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Gaggia Animia Delux

Gaggia Anima Delux

$1,499.00 Incl. GST

There are 3 Versions in the Gaggia Anima range. All of them provides the user with great coffee at a touch of a button and the following features.

  • DESIGNED AND MADE IN ITALY - Guarantee of premium quality and a neverending passion for the art of espresso making.

  • OPTIAROMA - This feature gives you the unique possibility to personalise the intensity and flavour of your espresso, creating a tailor-made result by choosing the quantity of ground coffee per cup among 5 selections.

  • 100% CERAMIC ADJUSTABLE GRINDERS - This material guarantees long-lasting performances, silence and the best in-cup result. Select among 5 options to customise your espresso, from the finest grind for a strong taste, to the coarsest for a lighter coffee.

  • PRE-BREWING - Unique body and taste for every espresso thanks to the pre-brewing function that adds a few seconds of pause between the first shower of hot water and the actual brewing.
  • AUTOMATIC CLEANING & GUIDED DESCALING - The coffee circuit is automatically cleaned when you switch the machine on or off. The machine alerts you when it is time to descale it and guides you step by step through messages on the display.

The Gaggia Anima Delux is the mid model in the Anima Range, This machine allows you to brew coffee with a touch of a button, Milk is then added by sliding your cup under the autofrother and pressing another button for auto-steamed milk. The autofrother takes milk directly out of a milk carton /or bottle via a silicone tube.